Chivalry 3v3 LTS Tournament

Yuber's Chivalry 3v3 LTS Classic Compmod Tournament

Por Yuber & LavaSource
Dates (6th-7th March)
Start Time (1pm UK Time for both days)
That’s 2pm CET for any confused Europeans.

How to play:

- Arrive 5 mins before your match starts to avoid delays. We have a schedule to keep!
- The map will be decided by a single duel of a designated player from each team.
- Do not delay fights, you should be running towards the enemy. Overbearing roleplay behaviour is punishable and will result in a warning.
- If a player crashes your team's pause time will start counting down from 5 minutes.
- If they take longer than 5 mins, you will be obligated to find one of your substitutes and continue the match.
- You can only officially play for 1 team if you’re in the main line-up.
- You can substitute for multiple teams (To give subs a higher chance of participation).
- If we find you smurfing you will be individually disqualified :blush:

Mod: CompMod – Before Dusty/Zesty changes.

Tourney Format:
This tournament will be in Double Elimination format. The winning team coming from the loser's bracket however, only needs to win one BO7 against the winner of the winner's bracket.

Initial Matches will be a BO3 format
Semi-Finals will be a BO5
Finals will be a BO7
All Losers bracket games will be BO3
Fuso horário
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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Bragging rights
No Archer.
No weapon skins (savage reaver, sun brandistock).
No armour skins (dreadnought, inquisitor).
Ping Limit: 120.
5 Mins Pause Time for each team.
66.6% Class Rule (No more than 2 of the same class).
Max 2 Subs per team. (You must sign up with these people).
If you show up with less than 3, you play with who you have or resign the match.
If the server crashes then the match is reset.
Max 1 shield per team.
Throwables Allowed.
Shit talking Allowed.
2 warnings per offence. Anymore and you forfeit your current match. (not including smurfing).
No clumsy or external software manipulation to gain an unfair advantage.
Max 5 packet loss (Ambiguous, but if the player is blatantly teleporting around we'll draw the line).