EU Championship - Nordics #3

Splatoon 2 European Championship 2019/2020 Nordics #3

Por Freezing Squids League - sponsored by Nintendo of Europe
Online, Scandinavia
Welcome to four brand new qualifications rounds for the Splatoon 2 European Championship 2019/2020 - Nordics

Freezing Squids League is proud to announce that we will be creating the four official Nordic qualification tournaments for the Splatoon 2 European Championship this year. The qualification tournaments is sponsored officially by Nintendo of Europe GmbH & Bergsala AB.

EU Championship - Nordic Qualification #3
Date: 27/10-2019
Start time: 13:00 CET

We welcome Splatoon 2 teams and players of all levels! If you've already got a team that's perfect. If not, we will make a channel in our Discord channel, where you can look for other players to form a team with. We will also be making a few community nights, where everybody can participate and hopefully find new friends to play with.

We will use the Toornament system like last year, so a lot of you will already be familiar with the system. If you're new, then join our Discord channel and ask all the questions you have, and we will do our best to answer them.

To participate in the Nordic qualification tournaments, you must have a team of 4 people. Only a full team of at least 4 players will be accepted in the tournament, but you can have up to 5 players in your team roster.

You will have to sign your team up through both Toornament and the team captain also have to join our Discord channel here:

Be sure to have your team ready before signing up through Toornament.
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The best team in each of the 4 online qualification tournaments will win a trip to the Nordic Final, where all associated costs of travel/accommodation will be covered by Tournament sponsor (Nintendo of Europe GmbH & Bergsala AB). Please note that costs are covered for the relevant teams/players. (Note that Friends, Partners or Family members are excluded)

Here they will face-off against the 3 other winners, of the other Nordic qualification rounds. if a player is under 18yrs by the time of the final, then we will need guardians’ consent for their participation.

Winner of the overall Splatoon 2 European Championship Nordic Final receives:
+ Nordic Champion Trophy
+ Nordic Team Jersey
+ Qualifies for a place in the Splatoon 2 European Championship Finals 2019-2020 (Date and city will be revealed on a later date)
Associated costs of travel/accommodation will be covered by Tournament sponsor (Nintendo of Europe Gmbh & Bergsala )