Twitch Rivals: TFT Showdown

Twitch Rivals: TFT Showdown

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Twitch Rivals: Team Fight Tactics Showdown will feature 64 invited streamers from around the world competing for a $125,000 prize pool. Participants will be competing across two global groups of 32 players, with the top 8 players per group advancing to the second day of competition.
Fuso horário
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
Each lobby will award the following prizing:

1st $500
2nd $400
3rd $350
4th $300
5th $275
6th $250
7th $225
8th $200
Day One
Each participant will play five games within their group. Four games will be live at a time per round, with all players playing each round. Matches will award prizing for 1st through 8th place. After five games, the top eight players in each group (ranked by prizing) will advance to day two.

Day Two
Each participant of the Top 16 will play four games each, with two games live at a time. After four games, the top eight players (ranked by prizing) will advance to a final winner-take-all game. The winner of this match will win $5,000 and claim the crown as the best Teamfight Tactics streamer in the world!