Hogs of War League [Season 2]

Hogs of War League [Season 2]

By Pinstripe, Castor, Adb95, FabTheZen, Axby94, Angurio, Crumble
Welcome everyone to Season 2 of the Hogs of War League! This year we have increased our player pool to 14 players, including some new and old faces!

Our map pool has also changed this year. We're keeping the majority of maps that were used in the recent first season of the Grunt League, but with a couple of swaps. These include:

Hilltop (Out) > Over the Top (In)
Porkchop Temple (Out) > Canyon (In)
Wasteland (Out) > Supply Line (In)
Headquarters (Out) > Fortress (In)

You can watch all the latest matches from this season over on the Hogs of War League Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCii8lkB2zDDMgKJ_KBBYJfw
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
All participants will receive some form of rank in the Hogs of War Community Discord:

- 1st Place will be given the Rank 'HoWL Season 2 Champion'
- 2nd Place will be given the Rank 'HoWL Season 2 Runner Up'
- All other Participants will receive the Rank 'HoWL Season 2 Participant'