CLASH WORLD CUP - 2nd Edition

CLASH WORLD CUP - 2nd Edition

Por Clash World Cup
► Calendar

The 2nd edition of the CWC championship will start the Sunday 27th of August 2017 and will last about 1 month, depending on the number of participating countries.

The championship will be on two parts, with a group stage.

The 1st part of the championship will be a group stage (over 2 or 3 weeks depending on the number of participating countries).

The 2nd part, the finals, will take the form of a direct eliminatory (over 1 or 2 weeks).

A match calendar will be provided by CWC at the beginning of the championship.
Each team leader will have to enter in contact with the opposing team leader in order to agree upon a schedule for their match.
In case that team leaders can’t agree , CWC will impose a schedule for the match.
Under no circumstance, a delay from the initial timetable will be tolerated, or it will result in the disqualification of the team responsible of it.

► Team Composition

The teams shall be composed of 30 players : 8 Th11 – 5 Th10 – 17 Th9
During registration, each team should provide a list of players that they have selected and include 15 substitute players, for a total of 45 players.

For each match, the team leader should select his team based on the players who have been included on this initial list.

Only players who have been registered on this initial list are allowed to participate in the matches with no exceptions, during all the competition.

A player can only participate under the flag of one country, even in case of their team’s elimination.

► Match regulations

Each match is launched with a preparation time of 1 hour and a war time of 2 hours.

The match schedule, agreed by both teams, must be respected (with a maximum delay of 30 minutes to accept the challenge) otherwise, the belated team will be forfeit for the match.

Dips (attacks on a lower level TH) are not permitted.
Scouts (attacks on a higher level TH) are permitted.

Only the 30 players, 3 team staff members as well as 2 streamers may be present at the start of a match and during the match, making of a total of 35 accounts. No movement in or out of the clan will be tolerated (with the exception of referees) during the match (3 hours).

A CWC referee may ask to enter the clan. The username and # of the referee will be communicated before the start of the match through Discord. The clan must remain open under “invitation” and the referee must be accepted into the clan.

► Conduct of the championship

The championship begins with a group phase.

The group phase will last for 2 to 3 weeks depending on the number of the teams registered.

A random draw will take place in August to determine the teams that will compose each group. Each country will preferably, be added to the group within 3 to 4 hour time zone together.

The distribution of points in the group stage will be as following : 0 point to the losing team, 1 point for a tie and 2 points going for the winning team.

The best 2 to 3 teams in each group will qualify for the finals (depending on the number of teams registered).

The final round will be held over a period of 1 to 2 weeks depending on the number of teams registered. A loss in the finals results in the elimination of the championship.

In addition to the final, there will be third place play-off.

At the end of each match, the team leader of the winning team will post the match results on the Discord server, in a dedicated room and also to their team twitter account.