Skynett Online - International PUBG

Organizator: Myst1s Gaming, Skynett
Each person participating in the tournament should read and understand the rules below and behave in an athlete-like manner during the tournament. Judges have the power of decision in all conflict and sanctioning situations. Organizers reserve all rights for changes to these rules. Referees may suspend the playable map if necessary due to a serious technical issue or other possible sudden event, such as an illness. All cheating, including following the game with the assistance of another person, is prohibited. If the participant does not know if some of the game mechanics are allowed, they should ask the head referee before the start of the games whether or not that mechanic is allowed.

Violation of any rule leads to sanctions, which may be:
- Warnings
- Reducing One-Game Points from End Points
- Point loss
- Losing the prize
- Removing a player or team from the tournament

! Each team captain should join in the event discord on the PUBG general channel in order to obtain the role of captain, this is mandatory for the captain of each team!

You can find more detailed rules in the event discord: