The TF2 Lockdown Throwdown

The TF2 Lockdown Throwdown powered by KritzKast and

Welcome to the TF2 Lockdown Throwdown powered by KritzKast &!
This competition is an online replacement for the cancelled Copenhagen Games 2020 LAN.

Format (Open)
- 16 groups of 4 teams each. Round Robin, 3 matches with Best-of-1 maps

- after the group stage all 1st placed teams will be put into a 16-team knockout-bracket. These teams will play one BO3 match against another group winner in order to determine the 8 teams that will join the invite teams in the main tournament K.O. phase. The remaining 8 group winners will play a consolidation 8-team KO-bracket on saturday (all BO3s)

- all 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams will also be put into a 16-team knockout-bracket. They will compete for the inofficial title of "best 2nd placed team".

Schedule (all times are in CEST) :
Friday the 10th

Open Groups:
16.00: R1 (BO1)
17.00: R2 (BO1)
18.00: R3 (BO1)
19:45 Round-of-16 (BO3) (ALL teams play at least one BO3 match after groupstage, winners get to play on saturday too!)

Invite Groups:
16.00: R1 (BO2)
17.45: R2 (BO2)
19.45: R3 (BO2)
21.45: Round-of-16 (BO3)

Saturday the 11th
15.00 Quarterfinals
17.00 Semis
19.00 Inv. Bronze Match + Open Finals
21.00 Inv. Final

For further information please follow the announcement thread on - -, read the rules and join our Discord server!
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Europe/Copenhagen (UTC+02:00)
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Thanks to our sponsors KritzKast and we were able to gather 250 Keys for this tournament! The prizepool split will be announced closer to the event.