Tower Tag League

Tower Tag League Preseason

Organizator: VR Nerds GmbH
Some of the frequently asked questions about ruling are answered here.
A detailed ruleset document will be released before the start of the preseason.

Entering the league:

Please create an account at Toornament and send in your registration to the League.
Once signed up your registration will be approved within 24 hours.. If the league has no more free slots remaining it will be declined automatically.

General rules:

Prior to participating joining the Tower Tag discord is mandatory for all participants. Team captains will have to join the TC channel to receive official statements etc.

Cheating in any way results in immediate disqualification from the league. The punishment of minor offenses lies in the discretion of the admins.

Cheating is intended to include the intentional or reckless manipulation of the game and its code or exploiting bugs in such a way as to confer an unfair advantage on one side or the other.

Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the Admins.

Any use of the spectate function by participants during official matches, either directly or indirectly, to obtain an advantage of any kind is classified as cheating.

Contravention of any of the rules shall be sanctionable on review by the league admins.

In the event of a conflict of interest, affected admins shall recuse themselves from relevant decision-making.

Match rules:

Each team shall have 4 active players in their roster. If a team needs to fill in a substitute please notify the admins about it asap.
A substitute may not be part of any active league team.
All matches are played in the elimination game mode.
The length of each match is 5 minutes.
Map selection: RIG and Elbtunnel by random choice
Each season match will be held in a Bo5 format
Each Finals match will be held in a BoX format.
Both teams have to report their results on Toornament after a match
Point distribution:

- Win: 3 points
- Draw: 1 point
- Loss: 0 points

All matches will be played at predefined time slots within a fixed time frame.
(most likely Saturdays and Sundays)

e.g. time frame: Saturday 12pm CEST to Sunday 11pm CEST
e.g. time slot: Saturday 12:15pm CEST sharp

If one team needs to reschedule their time slot they may reschedule it within the respective time frame. Rescheduling is only possible if both teams are able to participate during the new time slot. If a team is unable to participate during the original time and is not able to find a suitable time slot for both sides they will receive a forfeit.

If both teams have to reschedule their time slot both teams are in charge of finding an alternative time slot within the respective time frame. If both teams are unable to arrange a new time slot both teams will receive a forfeit.

A forfeit will result in a Loss, returning 0 points.

During the match:

Technical Issues
Teams are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues.
In the case of a technical issue during a match, the team may request a restart of the current round. Each round may be only restarted once. A restart is only possible if the round has been going on for less than one minute.

Players have a 15 minutes buffer from the scheduled start time to be ready. After the buffer has elapsed, the team that is not ready (or responsible for the delay) forfeits the match. We advise you to publicly contact the other team on discord as proof for being ready.

If one team is lacking players at the start of the match the other team may choose from one of the following options:
The team lacking players will be filled up with bots (the lacking team has to agree, they may decide to start with fewer players instead)
The lacking team has to compete with fewer players
The deciding team stands down players to match the player number of the lacking teams

If both team are lacking players, the team captains may decide between:
Fill with bots up to a full 4v4
Both teams play with an equal player count
The team with fewer players fills up to the number of real players of the other team