Squad Open Tournament

Par Esben
Hello everyone,

We set up the Squad Open Tournament which is based on the same rules, maps and conditions as the official OWI (OISC) tournament.

The aim is to bring together the teams that have not been selected in order to make them shine BUT ALSO to encourage the teams that did not want to face the big names thanks to a tournament similar to a division 2.

In this sense, if you want to prove that even if it is not against the majors, your team can win a competitive tournament. So here is the important information:

Registration closes October 13th
Start dates: October 17 or 20
Number of teams: minimum 8 [But we will not refuse any participant].
Match Format: 36 v 36 AAS

Looking forward to seeing you on our battlefields, the SOT team.
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Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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There is currently no price in this tournament.