N250,000/$645 Prize Pool - Free Registration

Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Par Sidizens Esports
1) Hacking is not tolerated
2) Team Captains have to send photographic evidence into the discord server https://discord.gg/TBQS5TJ
3) Ensure you send your photo evidence of games after each game last results must come in before 9:30pm WAT each day.
4) All photographic evidence must be sent to the Sidizens Rivals. Discord https://discord.gg/TBQS5TJ otherwise points won't be awarded.
5) Teams can play as many games they want until 9:00pm (UTC+1) only your top 20 games will count towards the leaderboard.
6) Only games started before 9.00pm (UTC+1) will count towards your points total.
7) Team who falsify stats will be disqualified and banned from Sidizens Rivals Tournaments.
8) All games played must be streamed by at least 1 team member links posted in the discord server
9) Teams must remain professional and respectful to each other and to the league admins at all time or risk disqualification/ a ban.
10) For more information or dispute contact admin or log a ticket in the discord server.