Dirt Premiership Season 5

Par TrackmaniaStars
These are the rules for the TM2 Stadium Dirt Premiership 5!

1. General

1.1. Fairplay
All participants of the DPS are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators and the admins. In special cases, the admin team reserves the right to change or expand the rules if necessary and the right to make decisions which are not covered by the rules, to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

1.2. Admin Team



1.3. Adding players

You can add new players to your team until Friday, September 20th (23:30 CET). At that date all teams will be locked and no-one will be able to join your team anymore. Make sure to have your line-up fixed before then!

1.4. Season

The DPS5 officially starts on Sunday, 22nd September with the Qualifications, while the first map is released on Sunday, 15th September. The Qualification is played in Swiss Cup format. The Qualification defines which team will play in which League/Division.

The groupstage will consist of groups with 4 teams. During the groupstage each team will face all other teams once, so the groupstage got 3 playdays. Meanwhile the playoffs will start.
Relegation: One team from Premier League would go down into Open League. The first team from Open League go up into Premier League.

The Premier League is composed by 8 teams, which are divided into 2 groups of 4 teams. Top two placed teams from both groups would then go into playoffs.

1.5. Rewards
The relegation phase back, starting from DPS 6 there will be no more Qualifiers, and teams that qualify now, will be able to move forward or backward only during Relegations.

1.6. Team size

The number of playing people per team is restricted by 6-10 for all teams.
All registered players can play and there is no non-playing position.

1.8. Rankings
If at the end of the season two teams have the same amount of points, then the team that won the direct match will get the better position. If that match ended with a draw, the overall score difference is the next deciding factor. If that is also the same, the small submatch points of the direct match will decide.

2. Game Progress

2.1. Before the match
2.1.1. Qualification match rules
The number of matches for Qualification is to be determined by the amount of registered contestants.

The Qualification starts on 22nd September, at 15:30 CET. Match format
Format: 5on5
Maps: one map (to be released on 15th September)
Mode: Team mode, until 5 points
Match: best of one
Result format: 5-X

2.1.2. Groupstage

Playday 1 – Sunday, 29th September: 20.00 CET
Playday 2 – Sunday, 6th October 20.00 CET
Playday 3 – Sunday, 13rd October: 20.00 CET
OL Playday 4 – Sunday, 20th October: 20.00 CET
PL Playoffs Semi – Sunday, 20th October: 20.00 CET
PL Third place – Sunday, 27th October: 18.00 CET
OL Playday 5 Sunday, 27th October: 19.00 CET
Playoffs Grand Final – Sunday, 27th October: 20.00 CET
Relegation – Sunday, 27th October: 21.00 CET

The Playoff dates are default dates. That means that teams are allowed to arrange on a new date.
If both teams agree the match can be moved. It is allowed to move the match up to 3 days in before of the default date, and up to 7 days after the default date (exception: last playday – write a ticket in that case). Make sure to decide a date to play before the default date!

2.1.3. Working of a match

The match consists of 4 submatches:

1on1: the winner gets 1 point
2on2: the winner gets 1 point
3on3: the winner gets 2 points
5on5: the winner gets 2 points

That makes a total amount of 6 points and the following results are possible: 6-0, 5-1, 4-2, 3-3. Those points need to be entered into the result sheet. If the result is 6-0, 5-1 or 4-2 for your team, then you won the match and receive 3 ranking points. The team that lost receives 0 ranking points. If the match ended with a draw 3-3, then both teams receive 1 ranking point.

The 1on1, 3on3 and 5on5 subs are played until one team won 7 rounds. The 2on2 is played until one team won 5 rounds. Therefore the Point Limit for the 2on2 is 5.

The player that played 1on1 cannot play the 2on2 on the same map.

Map A: 1on1, 2on2

Map B: 3on3

Map C: 5on5

Playoff and Rrelegation decider map will be Map A played 5on5.

2.1.4. Tennis Mode

The 3on3 and 5on5 submatches have to be played in Tennis Mode. This means that the winning team needs to have 2 points more than their opponent. For example: 8-6, 9-7, 10-8.

Tennis mode is enabled for all the submatches in the Playoffs and Relegation.

2.1.5. Most important Server Settings
Mode: Team
Max Players: 10
Point Limit: high enough (due to tennis mode rule), e.g. 20
Max points: 10
Respawn is NOT allowed!

You have to use Competition Titlepack! https://trackmaniastars.org/index.php/competition-titlepack/

2.1.6. Maps
There will be one map for the Qualification and DPS mappacks with three maps each for the rest of the competition, giving a total of ten maps for the complete DPS season. A separate newspost will be released with more information about the mappacks.

2.1.7. Lineup restrictions
The 1on1 player isn’t allowed to play the 2on2 submatch with the same map.

2.2. In the match
2.2.1. Changing players during a submatch
It is not allowed to change the players during a map is being played. The only exception is if a player had a disconnect and doesn’t come back within 5 minutes, this player can be substituted then.

2.2.2. No Show
If a team doesn’t show up within 20 minutes after the default date, you have to open a ticket. The team that didn’t show up nor replied/refuses to play the match in the ticket loses the match 0-6 by a default loss and will receive 1 major penalty point. After 2 No Shows in one season, a team is disqualified from the current season.

2.2.3. Map rotation
Qualifer map -> Mappack 1 (3 maps); rounds 1-3 -> Mappack 2 (3 maps); Relegation + Playoffs Semi, Grand Final + 3rd place

2.3. After the match

Please enter the result in Toornament page. If you encounter any problem, open a ticket on the website or write privat message on discord for Admins.

3. Penalties

3.1. General
If a team is breaking the rules and/or doesn’t play fair according to rule 1.1, this team can receive Penalty Points (PPs). As the rulebook can’t cover all possibilities, the amount of PPs will be accorded to the severity and frequency in some cases. This is valid for example for insults, spamming, using horns, unsportmanlike behaviour, etc.

Please remember that we can and will only punish a team if we have clear proofs! Therefore you should always do screenshots, save replays etc in case something is going wrong!

There are Minor and Major PPs. 1 Major PP = 5 Minor PPs!

3.2. Point reduction

At the end of the group phase the PPs will reduce the teams’ ranking points. Each Minor Penalty comes with 0,1 point deduction. Each Major Penalty comes with 1 point deduction. By reaching 15 minors/3 majors: the team is disqualified from the current season.

3.3. Penalty Point Catalogue

No Show: 1 Major PP
Using Cuts: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the player used a cut will be lost (only if a player also finishes the run, it’s counted as “Using Cuts”)
Using Respawn: 2 minor PP for the hosting team for wrong server settings (only if a player also finishes the run, it’s counted as “Using Respawn”). This case must be reported with a valid evidence (screenshot/replay/stream etc)
Faker/playing with someone else’s account: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the faker played will be lost
If someone is playing with a not registed account: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the player drove will be lost.
Use of ineligible Players: 3 Minor PPs and the submatch where the ineligible player drove will be lost
Not respecting Tennis Mode rule: 2 Minor PPs for both teams
Playing with different number of people on submatches: 3 Minor PPs for the team with different roster