Halo 5 £50 EU FFA Frenzy
Xbox One

Halo 5 £50 EU FFA Frenzy

Players are sorted into multiple groups of 8 per round. The top 4 from each game advance onto the next round.

Eventually the tournament will have just 8 players remaining, this is the final round, where the top 3 will claim prizes.

Gameplay: Please use HCS FFA ruleset. (Unlimited Kills, 12 minutes)

Maps: Truth (Every round)

Join times: Players have 15 minutes to join the lobby, otherwise they are disqualified from the tournament for holding up the bracket.

(1 or more people please provide @Nadestraight with a screenshot of the lobby after the game)


First name in the group to host the lobby and invite participants, in the event of poor connection, change to someone else and restart within 2 minutes.