Sanhok Takedown

Ketrox Red's Sanhok Takedown Event

Par KeTRoX ReD
1. If Our Spectators Caught Anyone Hacking, Teaming or Cheating He Will Be Disqualified from the event and will be banned for competing in any upcoming events.

2. You must subscribe to KeTRoX ReD ( Streamer on YouTube in order to take part in this event.

3. Each Participant will be notified by e-mail and discord both 30 minutes prior to every match about how to join the custom room.

4. Each participant is needed to check in into the custom room 15 minutes before the match starts.

5. The authorities hold each and every right to disqualify any participant not following the rules with any prior notice to the participant being disqualified.

6. Participants are asked to be there at live stream going on at KeTRoX ReD's channel one hour before commencement of the tournament for the details.

9. All third party assisting software are prohibited and will result in disqualification

8. The authorities will publish the list of the participants moving into next round one or two days before the preliminaries. The authorities will also notify the participants e-mail and discord. Advancing participants are requested to follow the same rules and stated above for further rounds.

9. Qualifier scoring rules are as follows
⚫ 1st = 500 Points
⚫ 2nd = 350 Points
⚫ 3rd = 300 Points
⚫ 4-6 = 250 Points
⚫ 7-10 = 200 Points
⚫ 10-20 = 150 Points
⚫ Per kill = 10 points