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A coach who sees himself inactive for more than 3 minutes is put on leave (even during the match), in order to ensure proper flow of the game and respect for others.
Each game will last no more than 12 minutes, after this time you are automatically benched.
To ensure smooth progress, the playing time will be set to 1 minute in the key phase of the market (except for 1 July where we will give a little more time). The rest of the season the timer will be left at 30 seconds. On request, in certain timeframes it is possible to grant more time, upon notice of the manager (for example during registrations).
IMPORTANT: the automatic continuation will be activated between one match and another. This allows us to advance between one match played and the next in a fast and automatically way without clicking on continue and without losing key decisions as would happen during the holidays. During the market phase this option is disabled. As an alternative to this option, if we see that it doesn’t work or the progress is slow, we will ask all participants to take a on holiday between one match and another. In the pre-match you have time to set your team.
OFFLINE TIMEFRAMES: once the championship and cup finals are over, it will go OFFLINE until July 1st. Another 14 days will be "skipped" between the second half of July and early August (with prior notice from the managers).
For scouting, tactics, staff and other things that take a long time, you will be given the chance to leave the server on in the evening. Just ask the manager to switch on the server at appropriate times.