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Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Por Sidizens Esports
Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royal Trios tournament. A 2 day event for a minimum 32 teams play for top spot in the leader board.

PS4, Xbox and PC

Your team goes into COD Warzone trios for a 3-hour period each day to get the most kills and highest position they can.
You submit screen grabs of all the games you play within the 3 hour period. Only your top 10 games per day will be considered for the leader board.
Screen grabs must show final position and number of kills for each player.
Tournament starts at 6pm (UTC+1) and ends at 9pm (UTC+1) each day.
All proof must be submitted after each game last results must come in before 9:30pm (UTC+1) each day, and then we'll verify points and update the leader board.
Points are Scored as follows:

Endgame Ranking
1=300 points
2=225 points
3=190 points
4=165 points
5=145 points
6=130 points
7=115 points
8=100 points
9=85 points
10=70 points
11-12=60 points
13-15=50 points
16-20=40 points

1=10 points

May the best team win!

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Activision or its licensors.”
Zona horaria
Africa/Lagos (UTC+01:00)
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N250,000 ($650) Prize Pool Paid via Paypal, or bank transfer

N100,000 - 1st place
N50,000 - 2nd Place
N30,000 - 3rd Place
N25,000 - 4th Place
N20,000 - 5th Place
N5,000 - 6th - 10th Place

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