ELSA Season 1 Qualifier 1

ELSA Season 1 Qualifier 1

Por Esports League South Africa
Online, South Africa
Starting Match:
All teams are expected to be there and confirm their attendance preferably 60 minutes before the start of the match.

Recording Scores:
Score from all matches will be recorded by ELSA admins. In the case of a tournament being live stream, featured games such as handpicked games from the first round, semifinals, loser bracket finals, grand finals will be broadcasted with live commentary in the English language.

Schedule Changes:
Game dates are subject to change if the situation and time table allows it.
Any team with a problem regarding the date change will need to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to demand a date change. Please speak to an ELSA admin at least 24 hours before the scheduled game.

Breach of Rules:
Foul language, offensive and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated from any player and will result in the following:
First Warning that the team captain has to acknowledge
Second Warning will lead to forfeiting the game
Third Warning will lead to disqualification from the tournament

Match Rules:
Here are the Lobby Rules:
Lobby Password: ELSA will provide
Game Name: ELSA will provide
Enable Cheats: OFF
Bot Difficulty: No BOTS
Version: Tournament
Series Type: Bo3 unless otherwise stated by ELSA
Game Mode: Captains Mode
Starting Team: Auto Coin toss
Penalty-Radiant: None
Penalty-Dire: None
Server Location: South Africa only
Spectators: Enable
Dota TV Delay: 2 minutes

Disconnect/connection issues:
All games are to be played on South African servers by default unless stated otherwise.
Teams with mutual agreement to play on a different server are allowed to do so.
In case of any disconnects, both teams will need to pause the game until the player has reconnected.
No Pause may Exceed 15 min, If the player has not reconnected play as 4 or forfeit that game.
Pauses need to be justified immediately to the other team. Disruptive pauses will be flagged and closely monitored.

Game Admin:
In case of any dispute regarding any issue, the final decision will be made by the admin.
Game Admin has the power to refute any rule depending on the situation at hand.

Teams will be permitted a maximum of 15 minutes grace with regards to the starting of games.
Coin tosses will be conducted in lobby before each game to determine Pick and Side priority.
Any administrative issue during matches will be handled by the respective ELSA caster(s). Caster(s) decisions will be final.