Zula Europe Pro League

Zula Europe Pro League Season 1

Online, Europe
RULEBOOK of Zula Europe here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jHbFyMS6crU1R5hXyBRU-csItRhXm3n1/view?usp=sharing

5.1 MOSS (Anti-Cheat)
MOSS: MOnitor System Status is mandatory for ALL players and can be found under:
https://nohope.eu/ . Players must use the program for the full duration of all matches. If a Player cannot use MOSS he is not allowed to participate in a match and can give a lose even if the Team wins.
For a missing or an incomplete MOSS file the player/team will be punished. Player can be punished by Zula Gold or game suspension. Team can be punished too by Zula Gold or default win.

5.2 Map Pool
The map pool includes the following maps:
- Favela
- Old Town
- Wedding Hall
- China
- Refugee’s Camp

5.3 Best-of-Two Matches - Regular Season
The regular season are Best-of-Two (Bo2) Matches with 10 rounds. Each round has 2:15 minutes.
- Winning 2 maps gives 3 points
- Each team winning 1 map gives 1 point
- Losing 2 games gives 0 points
Both teams must send the screenshot of the game and each member of the Teams must send the MOSS files. The map will be determined via veto:
1. BAN 1st team
2. BAN 2nd team
3. PICK 1st team and 2nd team pick side
4. PICK 2nd team and 1st team pick side

5.4 Nickname Ingame
Players are only allowed to use their own official nicknames - without any additions - during IDC/Games matches. Every player that has officially registered his nickname with Zula for sponsored events is required to use the same nickname for all IDC/Games matches. Sponsor names can be added at the end of the nickname, but only if they are being displayed on the official team's website and if the full nickname remains visible.

5.5 Number of Players
All matches must be played with five Players per team (5vs5). If a Team fails to show up with enough Players, the match will count as no-show and will be forfeited.
One (1) reserve minimum per team and two (2) reserves maximum.

5.6 Dropping of Players
If a Player drops, the match will continue, even if it’s a 3vs5, and the player has try to enter the game. If the Player can’t enter the game the match will procede.
If a player crash then the match can be paused by only 1 time with maximum 5 minutes per team. Team players must say “PAUSE” in the chat to request it.

5.7 Change of Players
Players can be changed at any time before the match or/and between maps.

5.8 Leaving the Server/Not finishing the game
All matches must be played to the end, failure to do so will be punishable by IDC/GAMES. Punish can be Zula Gold and/or money penalty fee or other decided by League admins.

5.9 Continuing an Interrupted Game
If a match is interrupted (e.g. server crash) then the match should be continued where it was left off. All fully completed rounds before the crash count for the final score of the match.
For example: Team A have won 3 rounds and Team B have won 2 rounds and the game crashes. The match will start again with the Team A with 3 rounds win and Team B with 2 rounds win.

5.10 Overtime
Automatic overtime will start in the game until we get a winner of the game.

5.11 Player Settings
Any external program that gives advantage to the player is completely forbidden and bannable such as programs of macro, scripts, wallhack, modifiying textures…
Any modification, change of color saturation or changing of the game using graphics solutions or other 3rd party programs are strictly prohibited and may be punished under the cheating rules.
Changing the game graphics, level of detail or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal.
We recommend use Windows 10, don’t play with 1152x864 resolution and have DirectX updated to avoid MOSS problems.

5.12 Ping rule
If a player has a consistent 100+ ping for more than 4 rounds. The game will be paused for 5 minutes, if the 100+ ping still persists the player must leave the game and rejoin after his ping has less than 100 ping.
For example: 1 minute in each round has 100+ ping. Game will be paused.