OctoCup: Gladiabots 8 Nodes per Bot Tournament

PC, Mobile
By Defunct
Special tournament ruleset:
Max AI size 8 nodes per bot in average i.e. Max Sum of Nodes (freely distributed):
- Collection: 32
- Domination: 48
- Elimination: 64
Other rules: like standard multiplayer (match duration, respawn...)

Every invitation to deploy will be valid 24h, after which your previous deployment will be used.

We will hold 4 parallel sessions:
1) Collection specialists
2) Domination specialists
3) Elimination specialists
4) All-rounders (all 3 gamemodes)

Each session will consist in 3 successive stages:
- Check-in and warm-up (free matches)
- League (single matches, competitive but everyone continues to next stage, produces a seed for next stage)
- Double Elimination ladder (everyone gets 2 lives - survive longest)

Specifically for the all-rounder session:
- no check-in because 3 specialist sessions are enough to confirm your presence and register an AI in each gamemode
- Autodeploy will be zero seconds because rules parameters as they are do not let us specify gamemode-dependent 'MaxTeamAISize" within one single stage. So I am not letting you deploy specifically for the all-rounder session but reuse your latest used AI from each gamemode.

- Registrations end on December 26th 2023
- Tournament starts December 26th 2023
- Leagues start on January 1st
- Competitive ladders start on January 4th
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
For each session:
1st : 5000 credits
2nd : 2000 credits
3rd : 1000 credits

One skin contest : 500 credits