CLASH 2023

CLASH 2023 Skud Pai Sho Tournament

Not a video game
This will be a standard, double elimination tournament.

Grand finals will be double elimination (bracket reset if the loser's bracket champion wins the first match)

The winner will receive the Tournament Winner role on the official Garden Gate Discord server, as well as the associated bragging rights.

All games will be hosted on The Garden Gate website:

The official bracket for the tournament will be hosted on the Toornament website:

Tournament participants will be required to join The Garden Gate server for at least the duration of the tournament:

The host timezone for this tournament will be American CDT (CST after November 6th). Tournament time-sensitive information on The Garden Gate Server will be standardized to your time zone.

There is a soft player cap at 64 players, though this can be modified if a significant portion of people still want to join. Claim your spot while you can!

Signups end on October 15th at 7:00 pm CDT, and the tournament begins on October 16st at 5:00 pm CDT. To properly ensure that you end up in the tournament, make sure to be both signed up and confirmed into the tournament at least two days before the deadline.
America/Chicago (UTC-06:00)
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Tournament Winner status within The Garden Gate community, along with the associated bragging rights.