Up all night QFL 2v2 iCTF

Online, Quakecon
Same rules as our current 4v4 iCTF with a few exceptions:

1) Must have 1 player at Quakecon and 1 player not at Quakecon
2) It will be a single elimination BO1 with a map pool tba later.
3) Make sure your team has QuakeLive installed and is ready to go at match time. ~ 10pm 8/12/2023 after the Quakecon Finals party.
4) Join our discord in quakectf.com/discord #Quakecon2v2
5) @t41tg with your teams in the discord channel to be added.

Round 1: Railyard
Round 2:
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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No prize information.