The Assault Boot Camp

Gladiabots training camp for assault class bots.

PC, Mobile
By Defunct
Recurrent arena for assault class teams, in all 3 game modes (one separate arena per game mode)

**Registration open until: Friday, July 7th but new rouds will folllow after that**

Is this only for premium players:

Tournament structure:
We're doing it most simply, with separate leagues per game mode. This way you can totally ignore one or two gamemodes until another time, and still win your favorite mode.

Match format:
One match is a best of 3 games. The next game spawns after you've played the previous.
A game autodeploys after 24h.

Stage timing:
It's a league, so everyone is to receive N-1 matches.
1 new match starts every day.

If you participated last time:
You stay registered and your team setup is reused until you choose to update itthe rules:
- only assault class
- all other rules: standard ranked rules.
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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