Ancestors Legacy League - 2

Ancestors Legacy League - Round 2

By Destructive Creations
Welcome to the second round of Ancestors Legacy League.

The Ancestors Legacy League was founded to choose the best Ancestors Legacy player.

The main prize after playing all 10 league rounds is the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT PULSE graphics card funded by AMD.

General rules and scoring:
1 st place: 15 points
2 nd place: 13 points
3rd 11 points
4th 9 points
5th 8 points
6th 7 points
and so on up to a minimum of 1 point

Extra League Points
The player took part in 9 of 10 tournaments - 5 points
Inviting new players to the league - 1 point/per player, max 4

The scoring table after the first round:
Europe/Warsaw (UTC+02:00)
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Prizes for the Second Round

1st Place - Destructive Creations K-buds (Wireless Headphones) + MSI GK30 Combo (Keyboard + Mouse)
2nd Place - Destructive Creations K-buds (Wireless Headphones)
3rd Place - MSI GK30 Combo (Keyboard + Mouse)

Prize for random participants (your score doesn't matter but you have to play all of your matches) - Hatred T-shirt x3, Hatred steam key x3.