All-Stars 2016 : Fun Modes

All-Stars 2016 : Fun Modes Tournament

All-Star Players have been divided into two bigger Teams depending on their playing region :
- Team Fire with LCK, NA LCS & IWC
- Team Ice with EU LCS, LMS & LPL

For each of the 6 modes (Marksmen, Assassins, Poro King, One for All, Tandem & All-Stars), a team of Ice players will fight a team of Fire players, to try to earn points towards the Big Win of the All-Stars Event.
Europe/Madrid (UTC+02:00)
Marksman Mode
50 points per win

Assassin Mode
50 points per win

One for All Mode
50 points per win

Tandem Mode
100 points per win

Legend of the Poro King
50 points per win

All-Stars Finals
100 points for winning a Best of 3