House Video Game Tournament

Madden NFL 21

By Adam Klein
Madden NFL 21
House Video Game Tournament

General Guidelines:
You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from the Madden 2021 roster. No other teams are allowed (Created teams, All Madden, Canton Greats, etc.)

• You may change teams between rounds.
• No uniform changes (unless the same teams are selected)
• You may change your playbook between rounds.
• Match-ups for the tournament will be done by random draw.
• Home and away will be decided by the participants’ ages –
oldest picks home or away.
• In the event a game ends with the score tied, the game will
be restarted with the same game situation (including field
position and possession if possible), and the first team to
score will win.
• In the event of a power loss or system freeze, the game will
be restarted with “situational setup” to exactly match the
score, settings, quarter, time, and possession and play will
• Mr. Klein reserves the right to make changes to the
tournament format at any time.

Game Settings:
• Quarter Length: 5 minutes
• Play Clock: 40 seconds (default, cannot change)
• Skill Level: All-Madden
• Weather: Clear
• Injuries: 0 (0 is off; 100 is max)
• Fatigue: 50 (0 is off; 100 is max)
• Accelerated Clock: Off
• Game Speed: Normal
• Game Style: Competitive
• Challenges: On
• Event Type: Quick Presentation
• Camera Setting: Standard
• Substitutions can ONLY be made:
o Before the kickoff
o At halftime
o If a timeout is called
• Competitors can adjust the following settings if there are no
bugs or game imbalances within the Competition Mode.
o Auto Sprint: Default On
o Auto Strafe: Default On
o Heat Seeker: Default On
o Ball Hawk: Default On
o Switch Assist: Default Off

Gameplay Rules:
• Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are not allowed in the 1st half. A
competitor may attempt an onside kick at any time in the
2nd half.
• Excessive Offsides: Neither the offense nor the defense
should purposefully go offsides with the intent of delaying
the game nor exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. Intent is
at the sole discretion of the tournament administration.
• Improper Audible: Competitors may not audible out of the
QB Kneel, Wildcat, Field Goal, or Punt formations.

Cheating, Glitches, Reporting a Violation:
• If you believe your opponent is cheating by abusing game
programming glitches to gain advantage or is violating the
parameters, report it immediately to Mr. Klein. The decision
made by Mr. Klein on disqualification or point penalty is final.

• Any attempt to glitch the game to gain an advantage is
prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to the following
• Any offsides glitch
• Intentionally slowing down a defense at the line of
scrimmage to cause an offside penalty.
• Procedure After a Glitch Penalty: If a tournament
administrator determines that a penalty was caused by an
unauthorized glitch, one or more of the following actions will
be taken to return the game to a fair state, depending on the
result of the play.
o If the ball wasn’t advanced by the offense OR the result
of the play was in favor of the defense (turnover, sack,
defensive TD), then the offense will be forced to decline
the penalty (in the end, the penalty for a glitch is a loss of
a down).
o If the ball was advanced by the offense, then the offense
will be forced to take penalties, until they are equal or
behind the line of scrimmage at the start of the play
where they intentionally glitched (in the end, the penalty
for a glitch, is a loss of a down).