2020 OV Spring Rocket League
Playstation 4
Xbox One

2020 Ohio Varsity Rocket League Spring Challenge

By OhioVarsity.com
Online, Northeast, Ohio
The 2020 Ohio Varsity Spring Rocket League Challenge will pit area high school e-sports teams against each other in a month-long conquest to win the Challenge Cup!
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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Challenge Cup

All participants must attend an area high school and will play for their respective schools.


Each team can consist of up to five different players with no more than three competing in each five-game series.

Only one team per school will be accepted unless otherwise approved by OhioVarsity.com.


Rocket League supports cross-platform play. All teams competing in this tournament will compete against each other regardless of console.

The game settings should be set to the following:

-Game Mode: Soccar
-Arena: DFH Stadium is the default stadium but can be changed to another arena agreed upon by both teams
-Team Size: 3v3
-Bot Difficulty: No Bots

Team Settings

Team Names should represent each team's selected school or an abbreviation of the school name.

Primary and accent colors should be set to Default

Mutator Settings

-Preset Settings: Custom
-Match Length: 5 minutes
-Max Score: Unlimited
-Overtime: Unlimited
-Series Length: 5 games (Best-of-5)
-Game Speed: Default
-Ball Max Speed: Default
-Ball Type: Default
-Ball Physics: Default
-Ball Size: Default
-Ball Bounciness: Default
-Boost Amount: Default
-Rumble: None
-Boost Strength: 1x
-Gravity: Default
-Demolish: Default
-Respawn Time: 3 seconds
-Region: US East
-Joinable By: Name/Password (to be determined by hosting team)

In the event that incorrect settings loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played games with the incorrect format will not count towards the series.

Restrictions -- Customization

Any bodies, decals, wheels, rocket boosts, toppers, antennae, goal explosions, trails, or engine audios that are currently disabled in competitive 3v3 queues are not permitted for use in official matches.

Stoppage of Play

Should a player disconnect from the game less than 30 seconds into the match or before the shot to make the first goal of the game is taken the game will be restarted. If either of these events has occurred, the game will continue.


The Ohio Varsity Spring Rocket League (OVSP) is a league run similar to Rocket League Championship Series. The league will consist of a total of eight teams divided into two divisions.

Each team will complete a six-series schedule and then be seeded into the playoffs based on divisional placement. Each series will include five games.

Regular Season

The regular season consists of three weeks. Each team will play other divisional teams twice each for a total of six series.

Following the regular season, each team will be seeded into the playoffs based on divisional rankings.

Each of the two divisional winners will earn a No. 1 seed and play a fourth-place team from the other division. The second-place teams in each division will play a third-place team from the other division.

Each series will be played in a best-of-five format. The team recording three wins will earn the win.

Each series will be scheduled on a particular date. Team captains are responsible for arranging the time to play online. All series must be completed and scores submitted for the week prior to 10:00 p.m. on the following Sunday.

The scheduled home team will create the lobby. The away team will have first choice of color, which will not change for the duration of the match.

The default arena played is DFH Stadium. Teams are free to change the arena at any time so long as both teams consent.

It is up to the home teams to create and report the final scores.

Ranks/ Divisions

Teams will be randomly assigned to regular season divisions.


If possible, live stream all games. Please provide your streaming link 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled game.


Regular season standings are based on the number of wins earned in the regular season.

The following tiebreakers will be used:

1. Winning Percentage (overall)
2. Winning Percentage (head-to-head)
3. Total Wins (overall)
4. Total Wins (head-to-head)
5. Goals scored (overall)
6. Goals scored (head-to-head)
7. Coin toss


Each team will qualify for the double-elimination playoffs with seeding based on divisional placement.

Playoff series will consist of a Best-of-5 series.

A playoff schedule will be provided upon completion of the regular season.

Adding and Dropping Players

Once a player has competed in a single game/series, that player is considered roster-locked and teams must request permission from the commissioner to replace a rostered player.


All players and teams are expected to compete according to both the written rules and the spirit of the rules.

Cheating and glitching will not be tolerated. If this occurs, teams/players may report the offender by providing the commissioner with a written statement as to what occurred. Witness statements also are encouraged.

Sportsmanship also is expected. No trash-talking, namecalling or other unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated.