AALeague EU 2nd Edition

America's Army League European 2nd Edition

RULES RESUME(Full rules visit website)

The default time is SUNDAY 20:30 CET

-Screenshots are required at all time, send one screenshot of final results and for players pings and send to the official discord or email of the league [email protected]
-The screenshot of pings has to take it by the home team.
-Not send it the screenshots could result in a penalty for teams.

-At least 5 players in your team
-You have to register two captains and this at least have account in toornament
-You can register five substitutes.
-Discard rounds and substitutions are allowed
-The players can change teams until registration is closed-Discard rounds and substitutions are allowed
-A player can only be registered in one team for the same competition
-Players can't play if they received a ban in less than 1 year
-During the stop of 2 weeks in Christmas the teams will have the opportunity for do changes and subtitutions on roster
-During the league the teams have one opportunity for add or change one player, but the changes will do for the next week.

-The home team has server choice
-The map can't be changed, maps are pre-defined for each week
-The teams have tolerated of 10 minutes of the time match
-The matches are playing in 5vs5.
-The match can only be played with a minimal of 4 and a maximum of 5 players per team
-All the rounds have to be played.
- The matches are 16 rounds system.
-Nobody in spectator at least that be admin of the tournament or someone that stream the match(always with the consent of both teams)
- In the league matches can be finish tie, in playoffs will be a OT
- In the OT can be played until reaches a 2 rounds difference, doing 2 rounds in defence 2 rounds on assault. If they tie again its a repeating process until someone wins.

-MOSS (http://nohope.eu/) and DEMOREC is mandatory for all matches, and files must be hold for 2 weeks
-The team that provide the server for the matches are obligated to have Demorec active on the server settings.
-The leader must to send all the Moss files of team until 24 hour after the game to the link of Mega that AAL will create for each team, with the nickname in the game

-The captains of the home team have to put the result on toornament website. Both teams are responsible to enter the correct result. If anything is unclear, the screenshots sent to admins it is for verifying the result

In the official discord channel and website