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Welcome to MARCOS 5V5 Demolition Cup | Black Squad

Date: 15th August
Time: 5 PM UTC
Server: Europe
Bracket Type: Single Elimination, Best of 3

Discord :

All matches on 15th August starting from 5PM UTC onwards.
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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Rewards Per Player:

1st Place: 5000 BS Coins and Marcos Champion Calling Card
2nd Place: 3750 BS Coins
3rd Place: 2500 BS Coins
4th Place: 1250 BS Coins
5-8 Place: 675 BS Coins

Amount of BS coins depends upon number of participating teams.
Check out the rewards table on discord.
Before participating in our cup, your team must be registered at as pro gamer and all team details should match with it, else your registration will be cancelled.

Read BSCR Rules here:

Each player must read rules and agree with them. If you are participating, we assume you have read all rules and you agree with them. Your team maybe disqualified for breaking any of the rules.


Mode: Best of 3, Single Elimination

Game settings:
Team size: 5 vs 5
Rounds limit: 8
Round time: 2 min 10 sec
Switch Sides: On
Team balance: Off
Third-Person Perspective: Off
Round 1 host: Team 1
Round 2 host: Team 2
Round 3 host: Knife round to decide
[Host will choose map & side]

All characters are allowed.
All weapons are currently allowed except M110K1, G28E and shotguns.
Only one sniper per team is allowed.
Only one light machine gun per team is allowed.
Only one sub machine gun per team is allowed.
Players are allowed to pick up other weapons.

Allowed maps:
Double Wing
Dust Shield
Paper Company
Two Faced
Wolf Spider


🔹All final decisions for a team will be made by team leader. Also we will relay all information/decisions regarding matches to team leaders only.

🔹One Extra player is allowed during registration. You can change players with extras in tournament.
Please note that extra players will receive rewards only if they have played more than 1 match.

🔹All teams should be available 15 minutes before the time and team leaders should report us in discord. They need to be in our discord server.

🔹Teams must take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of every round for more reliable proof in case of dispute. Video clips would be much better.


Tournament should be played on Europe server and players should belong to Europe region.


There is a ping limit of 160ms. If there is a team with a higher ping, both teams have to mutually agree, otherwise the high ping team has to substitute its player or it will risk to forfeit the game.

The Ping must consistently be above 160ms throughout the match for a team to be forfeited, therefore small lag spikes will not result in a forfeit. Only video will be accepted as evidence of high ping. Multiple Screenshots at different time and rounds can also be accepted as evidence.

Match can be paused if ping issue happens before total 7 rounds have been completed (if team ask for pause at that moment), else match should continue. Team should substitute its high ping player and do a rematch. Pause cannot be more than 15 minutes.


Match can be paused if DC issue happens before total 7 rounds have been completed (if team ask for pause at that moment), else match should continue. Pause cannot be more than 15 minutes.


If a team fails to show up within 30 minutes of specified time for starting rounds, the other team wins. Other team members should have tried to contact and whispered them in-game and take a screenshot/video as proof.

If a team has less members available, they are still allowed to play match.


How to decide map and side?
Host will choose both map & side of their choice.
No pick/ban method.

For Demolition (Best of 3)
Match 1 host: Team 1 (upper team in bracket)
Match 2 host: Team 2 (lower team in bracket)
Match 3 host: Knife round to decide


After every match is over, both teams should upload match end result screenshots in #match-report channel in discord and submit moss files in #moss-submission.
Please tag a tournament admin to let him know and advance your brackets.
It's your duty to contact your opponent and if your opponent is not available, it's your duty to report no-show. Please follow steps of no-show when you report it.


Moss anti-cheat is mandatory and all players must use it.
You can find out information and download the program at

Teams need to submit moss files from all of the matches in #moss-submission


Your team will be disqualified for:
- Missing MOSS files from multiple team members in single match
- Missing MOSS files for multiple times from single player
- Corrupt MOSS files multiple times


After completing every round of tournament, you should upload your moss zip file on an online cloud storage such as dropbox/google drive and send into our Discord Server under the #moss-submission text channel mentioning your in game name, what round the MOSS file is from, what your teamname is, what the oppositions teamname is.


Teams caught cheating, glitching, using macro or any kind of external software that may alter game in any way or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be banned from tournament as well as Black Squad.

For all glitching and cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser. You must submit proof to us.