Soul Calibur 6 North American Regional League - Season 1

By Benikage's Simulated Esports Leagues
Regular Season
8x Round Robin - Teams Play Each Other 4 Times Away, 4 Times at Home
72 Game Regular Season
Top 6 Teams Make Playoffs
1st and 2nd Place Teams Receive First Round Bye

Match Format
Home Team - Away Team
6 Matches Consisting of Best of 9 Fights
Home Team Picks Stage
Away Team Must Lock in Character First
No Stage May Be Used More Than 4x
Minimum 3 Stages Used
Minimum 3 Characters Used
Custom Characters Allowed
Mirror Matches Prohibited
Mirror Styles Allowed
3 Points for a Win, 1 Point for a Draw

Best of 7 Series of Best of 7 Matches
Top 4 Teams Qualify for World Championships