FIFA18 Tournament
Playstation 4

FIFA Icons '18

By VersusNG
No. 6 Lapai Road, Unguwan Rimi, Kaduna
The tournament will be divided into a group stage (round robin) with the winner and runner-up of each group making it into the second stage’s single elimination. For round robin, we will have a total of 8 groups of 4 players placed through a pre-tournament shuffle (random). These groups will be designated an alphabet (A – H) and shall be referred to as Group A1, Group A2, Group B1, Group C3, etc

Group progression will be based on a point system whereby a match win equals 3 points, a draw gives a single point and a loss results in no points at all. These points will be tallied after all group matches have been played, at which point the top two players with the highest points proceed to the single elimination round of 16. These top players shall be designated Winner (W.) and Runner-up (R.) for their respective groups.

• Win Match – 3pts
• Draw Match –1pt
• Lose Match – 0pts

The entry fee is N1,500 and will be collected during signing on event day, just before matches commence. We may require identification to confirm player identities.

Good luck!
Africa/Lagos (UTC+01:00)
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• 1st Place - ₦20,000
• 2nd Place - ₦14,000
• 3rd Place - ₦8,000
• 4th Place - ₦5,000
• 5th Place - ₦3,000