Warlords III, Qualifier #2

Warlords III, Qualification Stage #2

By MembTV, Rorarimbo & Chrazini
Registration closes on the 11th of May, 18.00 GMT/UTC.
Seeding is locked on the 12th of May at 20.00 GMT/UTC.
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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Warlords III will feature a grand prize pool of $45,000.00 sponsored by Microsoft.
The prize pool may increase with donations. The distribution below must only be used as an estimate.

1st place: 24% - at least $10,800.00
2nd place: 16% - at least $7,200.00
3rd place: 12% - at least $5,400.00
4th place: 10% - at least $4,500.00
5th to 8th place: 4x5% - at least $2,250.00
9th to 16th place: 8x2.25% - at least $1,012.50