KotS XVI: International

King of the Sea XVI: International

King of the Sea is the pinnacle of World of Warships competition. Originally founded on the EU server, King of the Sea (or KotS) has grown to become a bi-annual event held on all four Warships servers. Thanks to its grassroots support, the tournament has grown from its humble beginnings to become the official main event of World of Warships competitive gameplay.

October and November 2023 will play host to the sixteenth iteration of the tournament, with various new content additions, website improvements, press accounts, new restrictions and maps to shake up the meta. This KotS has a chance to be the greatest one yet!

Thanks to our ever-growing community awareness and growing volunteer pools, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that the tournament goes as smoothly as possible for all teams involved.

Good luck! And may the best cherish their crowns as true Kings of the Sea.
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Prizes Per Team
1st Place: 17,500 USD
2nd Place: 10,000 USD
3rd Place: 7,500 USD
4th Place: 5,000 USD
5th-8th Place: 2,500 USD