Lampyre's North American Quake Live 2v2 Team Deathmatch Tournament

By Lampyre
Online, Online
Two V Too

Date: July 17 at 12pm CST

Signup Deadline: 12am CST July 10. I will release the Tier List that day for people to scramble their teams together.
Team Making Deadline: 12am CST July 17

Type: 2v2 TDM(hoq_tdm ruleset) Double Elimination 1-Day Tourney

Teams: Tiered Self-Pick: I will place all signups into 4 tiers. Only Tier I+Tier IV and Tier II+Tier III pairings will be allowed.

Bracket: Double Elimination with Best of 3 matches for Upper Bracket and Best of 1 matches for Lower Bracket up until the Lower Bracket Final which will be a Best of 3. The Grand Finals will have a bracket-reset(Bo3) for the team coming from the Upper Bracket.
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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1st Place 50%, 2nd Place 30%, and 3rd Place 20% of donation pool total. Donations will close at the end of the tournament.

Donation Pool Total(as of 7/16/22): $1500
-Anonymous1: $1,000
-Grand Supreme Banana: $240
-Anonymous2: $210
-Xzist: $50