DreamHack Community Clash NA

DreamHack Community Clash - North America 2022

By EssentialsTF
Online, North America
Welcome to the North American DreamHack TF2 Community Clash 2022 in partnership with EssentialsTF.

This is a competitive Team Fortress 2 competition open to any team to join. This is a 6v6 format cup using the Unity Cup ruleset (No Halves, KOTH first to 3, 5CP 30mins with Winlimit 5, 5CP 5mins Round Timer, 5CP Continuous Overtime) & RGL 6v6 whitelist.

All times posted are in EDT

21st May - Groups
Open Round 1: 17:00
Invite R1 & Open R2: 18:00
Invite R2 & Open R3: 19:00

22nd May - Groups & Playoffs
Invite R3 & Open R4: 16:00
Invite R4 & Open R5: 17:00
Tiebreakers (where req.): 18:00
Playoffs UBR1 & LBR1: 18:45

28th May - Playoffs
Upper & Lower Round 2: 16:00
Lower Round 3: 18:15
Upper Bracket Finals & Lower Round 4: 20:30

29th May - Playoffs
Lower Round 5: 16:00
Lower Bracket Finals: 18:15
Grand Finals: 20:30

Map Pool (subject to change):
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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$2,460 prize pool courtesy of DreamHack

1st Place Team: $1,200 + 1st place medals
2nd Place Team: $600 + 2nd place medals
3rd Place Team: $420 + 3rd place medals
4th Place Team: $240

All participants will receive an in-game participation medal.

(prizes will be distributed in USD to each eligible Team Leader, recipients are responsible for any transaction fees, taxes, or loss due to currency conversion)