Land of Dawn Championship

Land of Dawn Championship

By Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Bangladesh Community
Online, Bangladesh
We always share a phrase that is “Don’t ask what MLBB can do for you, but what you can do for MLBB”. We have seen all kinds of ways people have used their talents or passions for giving MLBB an extra small push that might seems little on its own but in numbers are helping MLBB one way or another. Spreading MLBB community around the world and making connections with different parts of the world, all for the greater good for expanding MLBB every corners of the continents. The dedication and passion found in people are endless. We witness a community that wants surpass the border of challenges and struggles. For this reason we want to bring this initiative to help MLBB that push to people who are not yet aware.

This is a project initiated by MLBB Bangladesh Community with a team of moderators of South Asian Bangladesh region who are working together to spread MLBB in every corner of Bangladesh. Our mission is to introduce MLBB to people who are not aware of this game.
Asia/Dhaka (UTC+06:00)
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1st Place: 25,000 Diamonds
2nd Place: 15,000 Diamonds
3rd Place: 8,000 Diamonds
4th Place: 5,000 Diamonds
5th- 8th Place: 1,000 Diamonds


Best Tank of The Tournament: 3,000 Diamonds
MVP of The Tournament: 5,000 Diamonds
Epic Comeback of The Tournament: 2,000 Diamonds
Best Savage of The Tournament: 2,000 Diamonds
Best Lord Stealer of the Tournament: 2,000 Diamonds
Live Giveaway for Viewers: 10,000+

Welcome Gifts Per Squad: 700 Diamonds

TOTAL PRIZEPOOL: 180,000 Diamonds