Minion Masters MEGA-SBI #1

Minion Masters MEGA-SBI #1

By GGtoor, with Sinobii[TMF] as Tournament Administrator

This TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR ($2,000) USD CASH Prize Pool Tournament event for Minion Masters will be held Saturday, December 19, 2020, starting at 12:00 noon EST. The competitors will battle it out over the course of the day, and those who emerge victorious and make the Top 8 Cut will Duel for the largest prizes on Sunday, December 20!

Let's all give a BIG thanks to GGtoor and BetaDwarf, both agreeing to jointly sponsor this huge Prize Pool and making this awesome event happen for the Minion Masters Community. With the joint sponsorship, this event has opened up to ANYONE who wants to be able to compete for the large prize pool!

That's right - unlike the standard SBI series, which only allows invited players to compete, there is a pathway for EVERYONE to compete in the MEGA-SBI if they want to!

You can Register for the MEGA-SBI following one of three pathways:
1. Win an invitation to play for FREE by placing in the Top 8 of any Qualifying event (over 55 people already hold invites, and more may qualify!)
2. Become a Diamond member of; Diamond Members always get to play for FREE in ALL events sponsored by GGtoor!
3. Purchase a one time pass from to play in this event (for a $10 entry fee.)

Be sure to Pre-Register NOW to secure your spot and compete for fun, bragging rights, and some of the the $2,000 in CASH Prizes!
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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Cash Prize Pool of $2,000 USD!

Winner: $500 USD, and the EXTREMELY RARE Dynasty Morellia Skin, and 1,000 Shadow Credits
2nd place: $250 USD, and 500 Shadow Credits
3rd place: $200 USD, and 250 Shadow Credits
4th place: $150 USD
5th place: $105 USD
6th place: $105 USD
7th place: $105 USD
8th place: $105 USD
9th-16th place: $30 USD
17th-32nd place: $15 USD

ALL Players win 100 Shadow Credits (or more for Top 3, as above) - To compete and receive Shadow Credits, players must register at the GGtoor website:

Funds for Cash prize winners will be sent via PayPal, and winners will be required to provide full Legal Name and Physical Mailing Address (along with the email address associated with the PayPal account) for winnings to to be disbursed.