BNL League S2

By [RAIN] Sister_Twister_, [NOCAP] Fasey
We are hosting the 2nd season of the BNL League, a small EU tournament with the focus on a unique but fun ruleset. We listened to the feedback from the 1st iteration of the tournament and based on that we have adjusted the ruleset to hopefully make the tournament more fun to play and more fun to watch. Here's a rundown of the rules that we have in place for the 2nd season.

The tournament will be held in a 3v3 format, 16 teams max.

Teams will be allowed to bring 1 DD, 1 CA/CL and 1 BB
Teams will be allowed to bring 1 T8, 1 T9 and 1 TX. Teams may decide themselves which class they match with which tier in each match.
Teams may only use the same ship once in every bo3/bo5 (so no petro spam)
Teams may only bring 1 premium of each class per bo3, so 1 premium DD, 1 premium CA/CL, 1 premium BB per bo3. This is increased to 2 for the bo5 series.
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
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at least 90E of prize money