-At DFSocial we are pleased to announce Brawl Stars #5 tournament. This time the tournament will consist of 3 vs 3 team battles.
We do not rest and we will continue to bring more tournaments every month. Stay tuned!
Registration Period: From 17 May to 27 May 22:00 UTC of 2021.
Max. number of teams: 32
Phase 1: 29 May 14:00 UTC - Round 1 & Round 2.
Phase 2: 29 May 16:00 UTC - Semifinals $ Finals.
Prize-giving: Up to 72 hours after the tournament has finished.
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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1st Place: 8 bDFSocial 🥇
2nd Place: 6 bDFSocial 🥈
3rd Place: 4 bDFSocial 🥉
4th Place: 2 bDFSocial
-The tournament will have two phases, both will be played on Saturday 29th May. The tournament (Phase 1) will start at 14:00 UTC, and the semi-finals, the 3rd-4th place, the final and the stream (Phase 2) will start at 16:00 UTC.

-The first phase is the round of 16 and quarter-finals. They will be Bo1 with 3 sets each match and will all be played on the website without being streamed.
The second phase will be the semifinals and the final together with the 3–4 place. Semifinals and finals will be bo5 and 3–4 bo3 each with their respective sets and will all be streamed and played live.

-Matches will be made like in the current competitive, it will be a bo3 with one game mode per match. Ex: (Match 1 Ball Brawl, Match 2 Gem Grab and Match 3 Bounty).
Each bo3 will have two bans for each team which will be done in A-B-B-A format (A=Team at the top of the bracket, B=Team at the bottom of the bracket). Each team will have 1 minute to choose their composition between games.

-All matches will have their own modes (Ball Brawl, Gem Grab and Bounty) and associated maps (randomly) once the bracket starts and players will know them and will be able to see them on the public tournament page as soon as registration closes and the bracket is created.

-Both the bans and any matter concerning the game as the invitation code to the game will be discussed through the lobby that provides the page as we will have a mod associated with that chat for any questions or disputes.

-The game is always created by the team that has top position in the match, the bans will also be started by the team with top position.

-In the round of 16 and quarter-finals, evidence of each victory must be provided. These will be uploaded together with the result that the captain of the winning team will have to enter in the lobby once their match is over. From the quarter-finals onwards, the lobby will be used as in the previous matches, but no proof will have to be attached and the result will not have to be entered as it will be streamed.

-Regarding connection issues, if there are 2 people with lag problems the game could be repeated. It is necessary to record the screen during the game and send it as proof via the lobby.