Project Xandata CBT Tournament

Project Xandata Closed Beta Tournament

Von IDC/Games

1.1 Match Start / Punctuality

All matches of the League should start as stated on the website under Any changes of the time must be accepted by the Executive Board or the League admins. All Teams and Players in a match should be on the server and ready to go at the latest fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the match.

1.2 Veto System
All matches will be Best of 3. Mode and game veto:

-Round 1 - Team 1 selects game mode. Team 2 selects map.
-Round 2 - Team 2 selects game mode. Team 1 selects map.
-Round 3 - Last game mode and map.
No repeating maps or game modes


All games have to be played with default settings of the game mode.


3.1 Nickname Ingame
Players are only allowed to use their own official nicknames - without any additions - during IDC/Games matches. Every player that has officially registered his nickname with Project Xandata for sponsored events is required to use the same nickname for all IDC/Games matches.

In case of report for wrong nickname it will be checked by League/tournament admins if the previous nickname belonged to the same player or not. Wether the response is negative rule 6. (Playing with a Disallowed Playe) may be applied.

3.2 Dropping of Players

If a Player drops, the match will continue, even if it’s a 3vs2, and the player has try to enter the game. If the Player can’t enter the game the match will proceed.

3.3 Leaving the Server/Not finishing the game

All matches must be played to the end, failure to do so will be punishable by IDC/GAMES. Not playing a match forfeits any prize earned. Other punish can be decided by League admins.

3.4 Room name
Left team should create the room with the name " team A vs team B"

After completing a game. The winner team must report the result in the Toornament platform and same with the loser team.


4.1 Definition

A protest is the official communication between the Teams and the admins regarding any irregularities, infringements or other concerns in the competition. A protest may also be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues.

4.2 Contents of a Match Protest

The protest must contain detailed information about why the protest was filed, on which grounds it is filed and when the alleged incident happened. A protest may be declined by the League admin if proper documentation is not presented. A simple “they are cheating” or “they are using hacks” will not do. Proof is a must.

After opening the report on the site the protesting team must also communicate the reason in the match chat,which will remain the main platform of the discussion.

4.3 Deadline for Match Protests

The latest time Teams are allowed to issue a match protest is:
- 10 minutes after the first report on the match.
Decision of the protests will be informed via Match chat to the teams involved must contain detailed information.

5. Re-Match

The following situation will qualify teams to a Re-Match:

-Player not connecting into the match - rehost up to the first 60 seconds of the action phase (Warm-up is not included)
-Game mechanic not working as intended (shooting, reloading, extras, characters) - rehost up to the first 30 seconds of the action phase

Teams must notify the opponents by writing "Rematch/Rehost" in the lobby chat and if asked prove it to League Admins.A lack of evidence might deny the Re-Match


The attempt to mislead League admins or other Players, using false information, or in any other way deceive other Players or Teams will be sanctioned as follows.
- Faking Match media
Faking match media (MOSS and screenshots) may result in one (1) to three (3) months of competition ban to the player or team.

- Ringer/Faker
Any Players involved in faking or ringing a Player the shared account will be banned 30 days in the 1st infraction, and in the 2nd one, will be banned permanently from the game and the team in which the user sharing account will be disqualified from the pertinent competition, any prize won will be forfeited and will have a veto of 30 days about participating in other tournaments/competitions. This rule often happens in connection with the rule “Playing with a Disallowed Player”, in that case the punishments are cumulated.

- Playing with a Disallowed Player
Using a disallowed player will be translated in the permanent ban of the shared account and player’s account from the game. Also, the player will be disqualified from the pertinent tournament/competition and will have a veto of 30 days about participating in other tournaments/competitions.

- Cheating
When cheating is discovered the Team will be disqualified from the competition and the Player will be banned from the IDC/GAMES competitions for one (1) year. The use of programs that gives advantages will result in a cheat ban: multihacks, wallhack, aimbot, changing textures, regedit, sounds. These are only examples, other programs or methods may be considered cheats as well.

- No show
If a Team is not ready to play 10 minutes after the official match starting time, the Team will be considered as no show and will receive a default loss. Also 3.7 rule applies here.
If the room's informations are written in the chat after the scheduled match time, the countdown will start from that date.

It should be remembered that it is always the administration of the tournament/league that has the last word, and that decisions are not specifically supported, or detailed in this rulebook, or even go against this rulebook.