Xbox One

InfernaWAN Pro Battle League Halo 5 2v2 Tournament

Von Pro Battle League
Each player must be registered for InfernaWAN. Either a Weekend Pass or a Halo 5 entry is required.

CHECK IN by 11am Pacific Time on Friday May 15th. You must begin your first round match by 12pm Pacific Time.

DISCORD: We will be organizing matches on the InfernaLAN #Halo-5 chat room.

FORFEIT: Please have your team ready to go by 12pm PT on Friday May 15th. If your team is not ready to play by 12:05pm, you will forfeit the first map. If you are not ready by 12:15pm, you will forfeit the match.

FORMAT: All matches will be Team Slayer. All matches except for the Grand Final will be Best of 3. The Grand Final will be Best of 5.

MATCH REPORTING: Report your score in the #Halo-5 chat in the InfernaLAN discord. Use the following format: Score - Registered Team Name of Winner - Against: Name of Losing Team. Please report results as soon as possible.

MATCH RESULT DISPUTE: In case of a dispute, you will need to upload a screen capture to the discord chat showing the results of your match. Please be prepared to do so after each match. possible.

CAPTAINS: You need to designate a team captain that will interact with the organizers in our discord. Please join the discord before Friday at 11pm. The earlier you join, the better.