BFNations South-America Cup B

BFNations South-America Cup B

Playstation 4
Von BFNations
This tournament is organized in the form of a "ticket race" (which we will call "BFNations system") It does not pursue the classic "Swiss system”.

The qualifications/eliminations do not depend on previously established groups/pools, obtaining and calculating points is done in a different way.

The BFNations system is structured as follows:

A given number of teams compete in different matches in order to gain points, these points allow them to obtain a place in the ranking established by a scoreboard which is updated after each match during 3 distinct phases.

The points correspond to the tickets. To earn points, you have to win tickets during the matches played (e.g. in a round won 80 to 0 the winning team wins 80 points and the losing team wins 0).

TEAMS: teams must have a roster of a maximum of 16 players, all must be registered with their PSN id​.

It is strictly forbidden for a player not registered in the roster of a team to play for the same team unless a derogation has been allowed by the organizer. In the same way, it is formally forbidden for a player to play for a different nation than his own except in extraordinary circumstances where in this case also a derogation is allowed by the organizer.

Each player must have only one of his accounts in the national roster, sharing accounts between players is strictly prohibited. It is possible for the team leader to make player changes during a match, but only between rounds (the round must be finished). All team leaders must have joined the BFNations discord server.

- Rotterdam
- Lofoten Islands
- Hamada
- Narvik
- Provence
- Fjell 652
- Arras
- Devastation

Matches consist of two maps, each map consists of two rounds (one match = 4 rounds), each of the two teams choosing one of the two maps.

Team leaders must make sure to take or have a screenshot of the score for each round (4 screenshots total) as well as to report the score via their ambassador or the organizer.

Progression requirements: 1 match per week per nation. If both teams can't agree with the match, the match will be set Sunday, starting between 20h00 and 22h00 BRT time of the current week. If both teams can show up at this time the match will be forfeited.


- maximum of 4 assaults,
- maximum of 4 medics,
- maximum of 3 supports,
- maximum of 1 sniper,

Nb: the class specialization “machine gunner” of support and the class specialization “sniper” for sniper are prohibited.


Are allowed ONLY the following weapons:

- Sturmgewher
- Ribeyrolle

- MP40

- LS / 26
- Madson
-Bren Gun

- Gewehr M95 / 30
- Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I

Secondary weapons are allowed, including the revolvers.

Sights and specializations
- All specializations are authorized
- x3 scope is FORBIDDEN in ALL classes.


Are allowed ONLY the following:

- Fragmentation Grenade
- Anti-tank Grenade
- Smoke Grenade
- Sticky Grenade

GADGETS: The following gadgets are prohibited: Lunge mine, M1A1 Bazooka, Piat Launcher, Anti-aircraft launcher, Explosive grenade launcher (assault), AP mine, All types of flare including those of the tank as well as Mannequin / Lure (therefore prohibited as a gadget) and respawn tag. All other gadgets are allowed. Nb: it is strictly forbidden to lay anti-tank mines in the vicinity of the enemy base.

- Valentine Mk VIII (United Kingdom)
- Panzer IV (Germany)
- Sherman (USA)
- Type 97 Chi-Ha (Japan)
All transport vehicles are prohibited.

• SQUAD REINFORCEMENTS: ALL squad reinforcements are FORBIDDEN with the exception of supply drops (2450pts)

No roofs allowed.

Score penalty of 25 tickets per kills with wrong weapons/rule infringement.

If a team doesn't show up to the match, 15 minutes will be allowed for them to show up. If the team doesn't show up after 15 minutes, the match will be forfeited. The team who was ready to play will automatically win the match.

All servers hosting matches must be password protected, we strongly recommend changing this password between each match.

Once you have created your server (as follows: Play / Multiplayer / Create a community game / Add config), configure it as follows:
Configuration name: Europa cup
Size: 16
Game mode and cards: 4 (round 1 = map A slide 1, etc…)
Minimum Players: 16

Apart from the BFNations casting team or an arbitrator credited by the organizer, no one has the right to join a match as a spectator.

Any use of third party devices such as, but not limited to, macros, mouse and/or keyboard emulator is fundamentally prohibited and is defined by the organizer as cheating (use of snap aim assist included).