Tribe Tournament.

Tribe Tournament.

Von Maverick
Tribe Gaming is proud to host a 4v4 Tournament.

-Double-elimination; Best of three
-EU and NA teams only!
-Both Pc and Mobile
-Max 8 teams (The more the better)
-Match Servers will be determined through coinflip
-Free sign-up!

For any questions join our discord server and ask @managment
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
The rewards will be 4 000 Paragon and Razer Headphones!!
1st: Razer Headphones
2nd: 2 500 Paragon
3rd: 1 500 Paragon
-Official Team Rosters only
-No Bad Language
-Team get disqualified if it is 15 min. late to the set time
-Teams can pick Maps 15 min before match beginn (All maps allowed)
-Matches can be played on Eu and NA
-Players are responsable for their connection problems
-Matches will be played in custom lobbies created by tournament mods. Teams will then be invited to that lobby or can join by room code
-If a deciding match of win or loss is a draw, another round will be played until a winner stands
-Toxicity is not tolerated. If a player shows toxic behaviour, that player will be disqualified from the tournament