EU Championship - Nordics #1

Splatoon 2 European Championship Nordics #1

Please read all the following rules of the Splatoon 2 European Championship Nordics :

- The team captain must be present on the Splatoon 2 community at least one hour before the start of the tournament for check-in. You can also get in touch with the organisers and other participants to exchange friend codes.
Reminder that you can use this Discord to find fellow Inklings and Octolings in order to participate in this tournament.

- All players must be at least 7 years of age by the tournament start date in order to take part. If you are a minor, you must fill in and send us a parental consent :

- Substitutions are possible between matches and between rounds of the same game for teams of more than 4 players. They must be announced in advance on the Splatoon 2 community Discord and indicated beforehand on Toornament.

- Spectator mode is strictly reserved for the tournament organisers.

Maps and Modes:
Group Phase #1
Tower Control - MakoMart
Splat Zones - Inkblot Art Academy
Rainmaker - Sturgeon Shipyard

Group Phase #2
Clam Blitz - Moray Towers
Tower Control - Kelp Dome
Splat Zones - Goby Arena

Group Phase #3
Rainmaker - Piranha Pit
Clam Blitz - Starfish Mainstage
Tower Control - Manta Marie

16th #4
Splat Zones - Walleye Warehhouse
Rainmaker - Snapper Canal
Clam Blitz - Kelp Dome

8th #5
Tower Control - Musselforge Fitness
Splat Zones - Ancho V-Games
Rainmaker - The Reef

Quarter #6
Clam Blitz - Blackbelly Skatepark
Tower Control - Inkblot Art Academy
Splat Zones - Arowana Mall

Demi #7
Rainmaker - MakoMart
Clam Blitz - Port Mackerel
Tower Control - Camp Triggerfish

Finale Bo5
Clam Blitz - Humpback Pump Track
Splat Zones - Inkblot Art Academy
Tower Control - Snapper Canal
Rainmaker - The Reef
Splat Zones - Skipper Pavilion