SWC - Season 2

Squad World Championship - Season 2

من قِبل SWC
Tournament Format: 4 round Swiss System stage, followed by a top 5 Single Elimination bracket.
Tournament Length: 7 weeks
Team limit: Maximum of 16 teams.
Match Window: 1 week
Game mode: Competitive Advance and Secure (CAAS)
Size: 30vs30
Map format: Teams play each faction once. Winner is decided on ticket difference.
Time limit: 60 minutes per round.
Server settings: Tournament Settings forcing Shadows to Medium or higher and View Distance to high or higher.

Swiss Stage Info:

Seeding - Effort balanced (Top seeds will play each other from the start). Tournament Staff will manually seed based on prior results both in SWC and other community tournaments to the best of their ability.

Pairing Method - Score Groups + Balanced. Participants are grouped by score, strongest team from the first half is paired with the strongest team from the second half.

Scoring system

No points will be rewarded for a game win.
2 points for a match win
1 point each for a draw
1 point for a bye
-1 point for a forfeit


1. Total match wins
2. Head 2 head match winner
3. Median Buchholz system
4. Total Tickets overall

Finals Qualification and Bracket Info:

Top 5 teams will qualify for finals bracket.
2 plays 3
4 plays 5
Winner of 4 and 5 plays 1
Winner of 2 and 3 plays winner of 1 and 4 / 5
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