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SafeMode 4 | Fifa Pro #3

Por BME Esports
Tournament Structure:

Knock Out Tournament
Single Elimination Pre Finals (BO1)
Finals (BO3)
The Tournament will be played on 1 Days .
Top 1 From each Tournament Will Qualify to Cup Finals, Total 4 Teams

Qualified Teams :

Top 4 Players from The Cup Tournaments will compete against each other In the Cup finals At Tuesday, May 31, 09:00 PM
Top 2 Players to the pro league Will be on Jun 2 (Online) at 06:00 PM

Players who are Registered in the Cup tournaments can't join the pro-FIFA tournaments
Fuso horário
Africa/Cairo (UTC+02:00)
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Prizes For Pro League :

First Place: 65,000 EGP
Second Place: 30,00 EGP
Third Place: 20,00 EGP
Fourth Place: 10,000 EGP