Everest Climbing Cup 2022

Por Tower Tag Community
Welcome to the Tower Tag Community Cup on the 1vs1 map “Everest”!

Get ready for a fast and challenging 1vs1 game action and compete against players world wide in Tower Tag.

For new players we offer up to 20 free Steam keys for the VR game Tower Tag! Join us on Discord!

The Everest-Climbing Cup 2022 is a double-knock-out tournament for single players. Dependent on the number of registered players the Cup is scheduled from February to March 2022. The match-mode is “best out of 3” in Elimination game mode.

To register for the Everest-Climbing Cup 2022 please direct message to the organizers in discord or E-Mail to [email protected] or register via here. There is a “rookie” group for players new to Tower Tag and an “experienced” group for trained players. When registering, please let us know if you think you are “rookie” or “experienced”.

Tournament details:
- Map: Everest only (select a “2 player” lobby on Elimination to have the map Everest available)
- single player tournament (no teams)
- single game duration: 5 minutes (5 minute lobby)
- match winner is defined by "best-out-of-3" games (2 games to win OR 1 win with two ties)
- tournament is for the TowerTag PC version (not for Oculus platform)

For more details and registration see the discord channel.
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