Runeterra Royal

Runeterra Royal

1. Join Discord
To receive all updates and information about the tournament, you are required to join our discord

2. Riot Format
You have to submit 3 decks with no duplicated champions, no duplicated region combinations and no more than one deck without any champions at all.

3. Submit Decks
During registration, you have to submit your decks.
Use with your deckcode behind "code/" to make it as easy as possible :)
You can edit your registration - including your decklists - at all times until the check in is over. Decklist will be public once the tournament starts (open decklists).

4. Check-in
Check-in starts at 01:00 - 01:45 pm CEST.

5. Names and decklists
After check-in, we will release a spreadsheet with all names and decklists.

6. Spectate & Stream
Before the match: make sure that you have spectate enabled and if you are contacted by an admin be ready to add one of the casters, so we can broadcast your game.

7. Match
You can find your opponent through Toornament. Get in touch via Discord and start a friend challenge in Runeterra.
You have to win with both of your decks that aren't banned.
Each round is planned to last 1 hour, with exceptions of course.

If your enemy doesn't show up after 15 minutes, you will win the whole round.

8. Report your result
Report your result directly in Toornament or via Discord in #match-results. You can take a screenshot as well to be sure no one is cheating.

9. Any form of discrimination will lead to exclusion from the tournament !!!!