26th of June, Draft Quasi-Internal HG TO 5V5

HG's first draft tourney 5v5 TO Quasi-Internal

All the placements are randomized.

The 2 first teams of the pool win their places into the Winner bracket. The last one will go directly into the Looser one.
Fuso horário
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
Nenhuma informação sobre prêmios.
No Armour/weapon skins allowed

50 percent class rule.
Max 1 archer per team

Maximum ping : 100

No racist stuff at all

Kendo to decide the map and the side.

10 possible maps :
DarkForest ; Hillside ; Battlegrounds ; CastleAssault ; DrunkenBazzar ; StonesHill ; Cove ; Outpost ; Hideout ; KingsGarden

The looser of the kendo ban 1 map between those.
The winner have the choice over the 9 remaining.