2V2 low tier LTS tournament

Por Ragnar and Darth
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Fuso horário
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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- 50 percent weapon rule

- Maximum 1 archer per team. The only range weapon authorize is the javelin.

- Throwables are prohibited. The use of one of them in the goal to hit the enemy will make the other team winner of the round.

- Weapons and armours skins are prohibited. The use of one of them will force you to suicide

- 110 max ping

- 3 packetlosses max. That rule can change a bit depending of the lag.

- All kinds of cheating will lead to a ban and a forfeit of the tourney.

- Racism in the chat will not be tolerated. Will be a warning firstly, a forfeit of the match secondly, then a ban from the tournament.

- You need to show up in time for your matches. You can have 5 minutes break maximum per match. If you're late, the countdown will start.

- If your ally doesn't shows up you can have a merc but he must have the same lvl as the one missing. Ofc your merc cannot be a player from another tourney team.