APEX eSports | Super Smash Bros Tournament 2021

Por Mya
Online, St Peter's Girls'
Teams will play a exhilarating 2 minute timed against one another. Who ever gets the most KOs in the time limit wins! May the best time win!
Fuso horário
Australia/Adelaide (UTC+09:30)
1st, 2nd, 3rd Division Trophies
Overall Winner - Perpetual Trophy
Mystery Trophies and Awards
Game Settings
The Game settings below will be used for all matches:

Style: Time
Time Limit: 2:00
Final Smash Meter: on- fill up gauge meter to charge a FS
Spirits: Off.
Damage Handicap: Off.
Stage selection: random
Items: off
Stage morph: change to a different stage after a certain amount of time
Stage hazards: enabled
Team attack: off
Launch rate: 1x
Underdog boost: off (when losing receives no assistance)
Score display: on
Show damage: on

Set Procedure

Select your fighter (bottom right corner of the screen)
Start game.
(Map is random)

Pauses are only permitted while either player remains upon their own respawn platform and may only be used for the purpose of contacting a Tournament Official or controller malfunction.

If the pause causes the opponent to lose a stock, the pausing player receives a game loss. This rule also applies to controllers which cause the game to revert to the Switch home screen.

Player Controllers
Player controller connections are solely the responsibility of the individual. Should an issue arise regarding connection problems and no damage has been dealt to the player experiencing the connection issues the game may be restarted, If damage has been dealt to the player with connection issues play will either continue or the player experiencing the controller issues will forfeit 1 round.
Macros of any kind are not permitted.

Additional Rules

Stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of tournament staff. Stalling includes but is not limited to becoming invisible, continuing infinites past 300%, and reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the player that initiated the action.

Character Colour/Team Colour Selection
If there is a dispute in character colours or team colours (e.g. both players want to use green Fox). They play a game of Rock Paper Scissors, whoever wins gets the colour.