FPSChallenge CoD4 Spring 2021

FPSChallenge CoD4 Classic 5vs5 P2P Spring League 2021

Por FPSChallenge
Online, Europe
General information:
Start date: 8.3.2021 (Monday)
End date: 31.5.2021

Entry fee:
- 35 EUR per team registration (7 EUR per player)

- Send 35 EUR to PayPal - [email protected]
- In case you are interested for bank account transfer contact SUNSPINX
- Payment description will be consisting of TEAM NAME and MEMBERS (you can still change it before tournament starts)

1st place: 60% - 2nd place: 30% - 3rd place: 10%
Entry fee = prizepool (can be slightly lower due to PayPal fees)

Admin Team:
- SUNSPINX, vod, FrosteR, Mench, uniQZje

Additional Information:
- FPSChallenge Account is mandatory with filled Discord and SteamID64
- FPSChallenge Anticheat is a mandatory
- User cannot be banned on FPSChallenge website.

Fuso horário
Europe/Vienna (UTC+01:00)
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